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Query No. A001

I am looking for:             
Her name and other details.

She is wearing a Church Lad’s Brigade uniform 1913 - 1914 (a brothers or boyfriends?)

Query No. A002

I am looking for:            

a. Name(s)
b. Date of birth
c. Date of photograph and
d. Anything else

Query No. A003

Eliza Moon née       Quarmby
Emigrated to Canada with son and probably husband. Contact has been lost. Would like information leading to making contact again.

Query No. A004

James Robert        Moon?
Reverse says “To Cousin Ruth from Cousin Robert with heaps of love”.
Robert seems to be in Quebec, Canada.

Query No. A005

Believed to be from the White side of the family. Any suggestions will be welcome.

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Query No. A006

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Maybe Quarmbys

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