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Query No. A007

Sunday Mercury
October 29 1989

A reader living in Freemantle, Western Australia, is anxious to trace relatives in Birmingham, where her grandfather, Arthur George William Pitman, now 84, was born. Arthur, who later moved to Scotland, married a Mary Jane Massey, Any news of the Pitman, Massey or related Draper families would be welcome.

In the Pitman photo, from left to right: George, Violet, Frank, Edith and Maude. The photo was taken at the State Studio, Bridgetown, Glasgow.

My Father used to say they were Great Granny Massey’s sisters family. In a list of relatives in Freemantle, in addition to those above, he listed Jimmy Massey, Arthur Pitman and …?…. (Nurse). I presume that Arthur was the same Arthur mentioned in the Sunday Mercury.

I would like to make contact with this branch of the family and any related Masseys in the West Midlands.

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