Trev White’s education

Great Barr Comprehensive 1960-67

As at most schools there was the annual school magazine. And whilst I was there the school celebrated  the Silver Jubilee with a distinctive magazine. There are five pages shown here and mention drama teacher Mr Knowles, Steve Winwood and Martin Shaw amongst others.

I was introduced to basketball here - they said it was a non-contact game. Mr Gascoigne insisted that I join the school team for some reason.

I can brag that I never became a prefect!!

GtBarrMag A5.PDF

Delhurst Road Infants

Great Barr Juniors

Great Barr Comprehensive 1

Further Education

After each class, the pupils (probably called ‘students’ now) left the room they were in and made their way to another room for their next lesson. This always seemed wrong - having noisy unruly and unsupervised pupils moving between class rooms. I believe the system has since changed.

Of all the friends from then I am still in touch with just a few (mainy swapping Christmas cards) - mainly Richard, Dale and Roger. I know there are more still around since I met some of them at a reunion in 2015.