Trev White’s education


Great Barr Comprehensive 1960-67

Big school & uniforms. This was different - 2,000 pupils, four playgrounds, marching from one classroom to the next, labs, gymnasiums, sports ground, new rules, new teachers, new everything and pupils who were much older.

Mrs Williams was the head of the lower school when we started. Mr Oswald Beynon MA was overall head of the school at that time. For more on Great Barr School click here their web site is here.

Just a short walk there for me. This involved a diagaonal walk behind the green grocers and across the field (No homes built at that time). For us newcomers our entrance was furthest along the Aldridge Road - next to the caretakers house. Later we were allowed up the main drive.

Let me say now that there were pupils attending who would go on to fame and fortune. I can’t remember Martin Shaw but may have known him then. I do admit to being on speaking terms with Steve Winwood (not close friends but we knew each other). Steve and his brother, Muff, were even then making the big time with The Spencer Davis Group. This activity was frowned on by the school and Beynon kicked him out.

Back row: Nigel Kitley, Dennis Gripton, Walter Renalds, ?, Roger Allen, Peter Abel, Trev White, Martin Jobe, Jack Rawsthorne, Michael Parkes, Terry Pekeman, Ray Warner, John Horton or Robert Evans, Keith Roberts, Mr Griffiths, Susan Brown, ?, Freda Stanley, Irene Hunt,?,?,?  
Front Row: Robert Kelsey, Alan Hall, Dale Latchem, Peter Rosser, Richard Harrison, William Daniels, Irene Hogarth, Wendy ? Annette Lee (née Wheeler)

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