Trev White’s education

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There were reports sent home to our parents. Unfortunately some of mine still exist - see right.

I don’t recall being escorted to or from school. Such care free days. Playing marbles during the warmer months, chucking snowballs at each other, kicking a tennis ball around were just a sample of the things we did on the way home.

Did we have a nit nurse? Probably, those nits were well looked after. I do remember cricket being organised and the cycling proficiency test.

I am sure that I will remember or discover more so I shall leave some space for future additions.

1957 Report

1958 Report

1959 Report

The Glenmead Road kids

Coronation year
So before Junior School.

Me, John & Trevor R, Michael B, Gillian H and some other smart youngsters.

Delhurst Road Infants

Great Barr Juniors 1

Great Barr Comprehensive

Further Education