The Bulldogs  Invitation Trophy (BIT)

The BIT Rules

Normal EBBA rules will apply except for the following:-

1. Each school is allowed a SQUAD of players numbering a maximum of nine and a minimum of eight for the BIT. No more than four of which shall be from the fifth year of the school and the remainder shall be made up of players below the fifth year.
NB. The 9th Place is to ensure that teams are able to avoid the 5 point penalty (Rule 3) if one player fails to arrive

2. TEAMS will consist of eight players who shall be present at the start of each game.

3. If a TEAM has less than eight players at the start of a game then the opposing team will be awarded 5 points for each player short. Once the game starts this penalty cannot be altered and late arrivals cannot enter the game.

4. All players must be attending the school they represent.

5. Games will consist of two halves of ten minutes each with a three minute interval between each half.

6. Each half is divided into five minutes with a one minute interval between (e.  the games will consist of four periods of five minutes each).

7. All players must play at least one full five minute period during the first three periods.

8. The scorer will notify the Referee at half time of any players who have not played in the first half. The Referee will ensure that these players play in the third period.

9. Substitutions can only be made:
a. at the start of each period
b. at any time in the last period of five minutes
c. when a player is injured
d. when a player is disqualified (four fouls or dismissed)

10. Each player is allowed four fouls.

11. There will be no time outs.

12. The clock will only be stopped for free shots, fouls, disqualification, injury, substitutions, jump balls or at the Referees discretion.

13. In the event of a tied game a further period of two minutes will take place, this to be an extension of the final period (ie. The same rules apply)

14. Any disputes, protests and/or matters not specifically covered in the rules shall be left to Birmingham Bulldogs Basketball Club and its decision shall be final.

The approximate times for the games are as follows:
Game 1 – 12:00. Game 2 – 12:40. Game 3 – 1:20. Game 4 – 2:00. Game 5 – 2:40. Ten minute interval.
Game 6 – 3:30. Game 7 – 4:10. Game 8 – 4:50. Game 9 – 5:30.

If possible times will be brought forward. Times have been arranged so that long waits between appearing on court have been minimised.

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